It’s all in the details

Downtown Design

It’s all in the details

Recently founded multidisciplinary design practice Studio A; brings timeless elegance to Downtown Design 2017

Based in Beirut, Lebanon; Ahmad Bazazo founded Studio A which focuses on the creation of unique spaces and pieces. Highly influenced by the distinctiveness of its locale; at the crossroads where east meets west; It challenges the notions of traditional design by pushing the boundaries of material experimentation in order to create objects of the highest possible quality.

Studio A makes its debut at Downtown Design with the ‘Black & Gold’ collection that embodies the union of old and new, minimalism and opulence, freedom and structure.

Studio A 1Honoring a tradition of contrast in design, ‘Black & Gold’ draws on established stylistic norms, all the while experimenting with modern day design techniques. More than a color palette; the collection focuses on the detailing of each piece. 

Studio A 2Strong lines, sumptuous curves, and noble materials all come together to create unique objects of desire. Conceived with aim to create objects that inspire individuals, the collection is of preconceived notions that evoke a sense of luxury, refinement, strength, dependability, and elegance. A strong reference to the Art Deco period and the strength of mid-century style, when most modern design icons were conceived, makes this collection timeless from the moment of its conception.


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