Haute faucets for luxury bathrooms

Pratyush Sarup for Downtown Design

Haute faucets for luxury bathrooms

The brand behind some of the most indulgent bathrooms, THG Paris, has pioneered exceptional tapware since the 1950s.

The final word on high end bathroom fittings and accessories, THG Paris has supplied to some of the most distinguishes addresses across the world - Burj Al Arab (Dubai), Prince de Galles (Monaco) and the Ritz, Plaza Athénée (Paris), to name a few.

Its’ commitment to timeless luxury and l'art de vivre is enhanced through collaborations with other renowned fine living brands - Lalique and Baccarat, for example. Noble materials such as semi-precious stones, crystal, porcelain, onyx, optical glass and natural marble inform the designs of their exceptional pieces.



THG Paris controls all the manufacturing stages, from design and machining through to the foundry. Each stage is subjected to rigorous quality control to meet the requirements of the brand’s clientèle. With their unique skills and know-how, the artisans manifest precise and meticulous movements with utter regard for traditional making. Developed in their workshops in France (in the Picardie region) and distributed throughout the world, today more than 80% of THG Paris sales are made through exports.



The brand follows in the French atelier traditions, with an ingrained understanding that each client and project is unique. The THG Paris design studio has the knowledge and flexibility required to propose collections adapted to individual styles, giving the customer the luxury of truly bespoke bathroom solutions.


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