Geometric simplicity for a luxury bathroom

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Geometric simplicity for a luxury bathroom

Combining clean lines and geometric forms, Maya Luxury Bathing is a high-end sanitary and bathing brand.

Born in 1983, Sarra Hafaiedh grew up in Tunis and began to study interior design before pursuing training in France in 2010. After designing unique pieces for leading hotels in North Africa like Radisson Blu, La Cigale Qatari group, La badira and working with prestigious names in architectures, in 2015, she decided to create her own sanitary brand – Maya Luxury Bathing.

The exquisite and original pieces are all made out of Corian® whichadapts perfectly to any role from subtle elegance to the most exotic of forms. It is the seamless solution to a multitude of demands in surface design. Pure in solidity, powerful in its performance, versatile to its core, Corian® can shape itself to almost any concept with effortless style. Welcoming shape, pattern and light, this high tech surface is comfortable in all kinds of environments, interior or exterior, humid or dry, hygiene-critical or high-traffic.

Maya Luxury Bathing boasts a wide range of different collections, inspired from bright colours, iconic symbols and graphic forms which coexist and intertwine into modern and sophisticated creations made with utmost attention to detail.

Maya Luxury 1Cubic collection is the combination of a graphic design and geometrics forms.

The collection is inspired by the iconic RUBIK’s Cubes and the modern style of the color block.

Maya Luxury 2Damier collection gives a contrasting face design to give a distinct identity.

Damier Collection draws inspiration from the timeless patterning with black and white squares, combined with classical style graphical and optical effects.

Maya Luxury 3Inspired from the art of paper folding – Origami

Origami Collection has an unusual mineral style. The deconstruction lines on its surfaces offer a selection of volumes and decomposed shapes.

Maya Luxury 4Pure collection shows the elegance of simple lines

The fluidity and the lightness of volumes offer a visual harmony for the pure collection.

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