Fine handmade carpets since 1881

Pratyush Sarup for Downtown Design

Fine handmade carpets since 1881

Working alongside weavers with generations of expertise, the Indian luxury carpets brand Hands upholds the finest traditions of rug making

The end of the Raj era in India saw the Patodia family at the helm of a carpet making company that was established by the English businessman A. Tellery when he discovered a rug weaving community in Bhadohi, near the ancient town of Varanasi, India.

Today, the company supports hundreds of craftsmen in and around Bhadohi, with the third generation of Patodias carrying forward the legacy of refined carpets - exceptional in both design and quality.

A purveyor of fine, hand-knotted and hand-tufted carpets, the brand that has supplied to some of the most luxurious palaces, hotels and residences across the world, is coveted for its 4900 knots per square inch creations.

Hands 1Across genres of traditional, contemporary, art deco and transitional design, the company introduces new collections each year. Developed with regard to changing trends and market forces, these collections offer extensive flexibility in design, colour and pattern. 

Hands 2Some of the most skilled craftsmen in India, the Hands weavers spend weeks tufting and weaving patterns knot by knot, inch by inch, leaving no room for the slightest imperfection. The practice’s animal-friendly and eco-conscious outlook means that each step in the use of superior New Zealand Wool and natural dyes is evaluated for its ecological impact, hygiene and safety.

From concept to design development and production, Hands Carpets offer a complete bespoke experience. Their exceptionally crafted rugs that represent centuries old crafts and values handed down over generations are heirlooms of the future.


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