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Bubble Baby Bed

Downtown Design presents the innovative Bubble Baby Bed for the first time in the Middle East

Bubble Baby Bed is a brand of innovative luxury baby furniture originating from Finland. The company will exhibit their transparent, award-winning rocking crib, alongside brand new furniture pieces.

Bubble Baby Bed 1Bubble Baby Bed is a transparent acrylic rocking crib with a breathable mattress designed by Lana Agiyan. The designer has received the prestigious WELL-TECH technology Innovation Award for the Bubble Baby Bed in 2013. The idea came from plastic baby bassinets that are used in Hospitals: made from acrylic plastic they are safe, easy to care, hygienic and very appealingly transparent. The crib’s transparency allows parents to have a good view of their little one. Furthermore; being able to see the whole world around them, a baby is never bored.

Bubble Baby Bed 2Designed for babies from birth to five months, Bubble Baby Bed is a rocking cradle, it has the movement kinetics resembling tilting dolls: once pushed, it returns to the upright position in series of slowing tilts. When the baby moves his hands and feet in the bed, the crib gently rocks on its own, putting the child back to sleep.

The Bubble Baby Bed also provides a special 3D fiber mattress. Its breathable supportive top layer lets any liquid go through immediately giving the baby ability to sleep face-down safely and preventing chances of suffocation. In addition, with the 3D fiber mattress, hygiene is maintained as it is machine wash safe and there is no possibility of mold and bacteria growth.


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