The Zip HydroTap Platinum Range

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The Zip HydroTap Platinum Range

The Australian brand launches a premium range of water systems at this year’s fair

Since 1947, Zip Industries has been manufacturing and marketing Australian designed and made instant water systems. From the launch of Zip heaters in 1962; which was soon sold in over 70 countries; the brand has expanded its range by utilizing the innovative technology.


At Downtown Design 2017, Zip Industries will be launching the HydroTap Platinum range. 

ZIP 1 

Along with eight new on-trend colors (from traditional to contemporary), the design range will also be available in premium finish including rose gold, brushed rose gold, gold, brushed gold, platinum, gunmetal, brushed nickel and nickel. Combined with the HydroTap’s latest innovative technologies; the features incorporate superior user-friendly operation and the ground-breaking 0.2-micron filtration system (removing contaminants as little as 1 /5000th of a millimetre) – ensuring that your water is as delicious as it is healthy. The Zip HydroTap allows residents to drink crystal clear water straight from their taps at home, without the worry of consuming unwanted chemicals or bacteria from their water tanks. It provides x25 better filtration than a water filter jug and delivers the purest water from any instant filtered water tap in the world.

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The Zip HydroTap Platinum Design Range also meets the highest standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability. With advanced energy efficiency and best in class cooling technology, the air-cooled ventilation system uses up to 53% less energy than previous models so water is never wasted.


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