A touch of Arabian Heritage

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A touch of Arabian Heritage

Debuting at Downtown Design, Designed by Hind brings a local influence to the fair with a collection of fine porcelain ware

Founded by Sheikha Hind bint Majed Al Qasimi, a leading businesswoman from Sharjah, Designed by Hind celebrates the best of UAE handicrafts. Crafted entirely from porcelain, the brand fuses traditional Emirati elements with contemporary designs to create heritage inspired works for the 21st century.

Designedbyhind 1 

The inspiration for the new collections “Dots” comes from the Arabic script. In Arabic Calligraphy, there are several scripts which use a method of measuring letters by small squares. Sheikha Hind chose to use the Deewani script and brought it to life alongside the use of colours which represent ‘Alia’.

Designedbyhind 2  

The white on white embossed Tumenah collection takes its name from a traditional religious ceremony held at the completion of reciting the Holly Qur’an for boys and girls. As a way to celebrate, girls would wear the traditional jewelry and go around houses to recite verses of the Holy Qur’an and are rewarded by money and sweets.

Designedbyhind 3

The namesake collection, Al Nad translates to medium sized dune. The Empty Quarter collection defines the shades, shapes and colors of the sand dunes of the Arabian desert.


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