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Think simple. Think plus.

Returning for the second year, Mobica + celebrates the relationship between design and a healthy workspace

German brand and manufacturer Mobica + takes a wholesome approach to design by manufacturing furniture, doors, tables, wardrobes and vanity units combines with interior design services. The brand believes that workplaces have the power to create a happy and healthy office through design. At Mobica +, the team takes furniture pieces and makes them work positively within a space.

Mobica Cover

The Solo Partition is a luxury line of European style interior glass wall system offices and commercial spaces. The free standing partitions act as a glass cubicle, making it easy to divide office sections without taking up the entire vertical space.

Mobica 1

The new interpretation of a wingback chair with organic, flowing lines, Oasis is made from a combination of innovative materials. The curved steel- tube is covered by knitted fabric and creates a distinctive icon. The area of the lumbar support and the headrest is covered by double fabric and thus offers the user an ergonomic sitting position with optimal comfort. The shell of Oasis is supported by a pendular mechanism that gently tilts backwards, thus supporting various sitting positions comfortably.

Mobica 2

A mobile and stackable desk system, Nomado is integrated with electric outlets and task lighting that can also be used as an ad-hoc wall separator offering flexibility and economy of space and making it an ideal solution for offices, home offices, hotels, and countless other environments. A compact mobile office with a conveniently flat body design; the worktop can be folded out to form a fully-equipped work place. Nomado is also equipped with LED task lighting that emits a restrained glow, setting a classy and inspiring accent especially in low lighting conditions. All Nomado surfaces are covered with a high-end glossy covering and are available in four different colors.


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