NEO: Diversity, functionality and expressionism

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NEO: Diversity, functionality and expressionism

The German-Portuguese studio returns to Downtown Design 2017 with an exquisite new range of suspension lamps and more.

Established in Germany by Portuguese Industrial Designer, Rodrigo Vairinhos, NEO Studios aims to create a concept of everyday products with a strong character. The design language and quality are reflected throughout the creative collections by the designer. The creations unify functionality with aesthetics to feature multi-functionality with time-less elegance and freshness.

The studio undergoes constant product development to appease the expectations of users that go beyond the traditional ‘parameters’ and to deliver style and quality at all levels. In addition, the brand maintains continual research and innovation to transmit “industrial culture” and development these days.

Some of the highlight collections by NEO studio are:

Neo 1

A flat vertical ceramic suspension lamp, Smoke by Neo is the latest trend-setter in the lighting industry.  An elegant lighting solution, Vairinhos imagined a minimal piece, with a precise functionality that would not only illuminate any space but provide as a canvas for originally designed graphics. Centered in the fixture, the smoke cloud supported by a well-designed silhouette creates a distinct and mystical illusion of smoke around the lighting source, setting it apart from any other lighting installation.

Neo 2

The Organic collection is the by-product of a fusion of two organic materials: cork and ceramic. The two materials, with its unique composition alone make the collection stand out. Carefully handcrafted, the dramatic draped cork leather over a glazed ceramic shell gives the piece its extraordinary expression and movement. The ultimate highlight, the Organic Lamp, is full of texture and depth that inspires a sense of touch and gives the interiors a warm, bright light.

Neo 3

Presented at Downtown Design 2016, the Corky Lips is one of the most successful projects created by Rodrigo Vairinhos. Inspired by the “eco-friendly” conscience, the design aims to focus on emphasising the importance of recyclable materials. Made out of essentially two materials- recycled foam and cork leather- reinforce the notion of “green living”. The project manufacturing process produces a near zero waste stream and results in no toxic emissions. The carefully chosen materials and the extravagant visual appearance of the seat deliver an exciting experience for the body and mind.

Neo 4

Paying its tribute to the Arabian culture, the Lovers collection is a harmonious set of three individual designs. Playing with the immense possibilities of geometry and symbolizing the Arabian Character, the lighting structures take on their own personality, ‘like a man wearing a kandura or a woman wearing an abaya’. The collection of pendant lamps look like hanging three dimensional pictograms or icons that were brought to life in order to portray a love triangle or a love affair.


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