Floo: The minimal yet versatile kitchen

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Floo: The minimal yet versatile kitchen

Sultaco presents the award winning kitchen unit “Floo” by Karim Rashid at Downtown Design 2017

Founded in 1968, Sultaco has earned an impeccable reputation for rendering high-quality and distinctive service. The brand has since grown in to a strong, versatile company that supports the demand for bathroom fixtures, ceramic surfaces, industrial and domestic kitchens, wood flooring, plumbing, waterproofing and allied materials. Amongst other recognized brands, Rational by Sultaco offers a complete design, supply and installation service to provide the user with their “dream kitchen”.

New design concept, “Floo” won Rational its second “German Design Award” by the German Design Council, one of the world’s most prestigious design competitions. Rational is the high quality European brand for kitchen fixtures. Versatile range combined with value for money enable rational to successfully operate globally.

A by-product of a collaboration between internationally recognized designer Karim Rashid and Rational, “Floo” is as minimalist as it is ingenious. Simply innovative, Floo combines the best of both worlds - Karim Rashid’s strong creativity and Rational’s affinity for function. 

Sultaco 1 

Although the exterior is a shimmering white, the interior provides the user with the freedom to customize it with contrasting colors such as a dark purple or a warm zinc yellow. In addition, the unique and flexible properties of the Corian allow it to be molded into any desired shape. 

Sultaco 2 

Inspired by round, natural shapes and strong, monolithic elements; the elegantly shaped front doubles as a hand grip. Gentle to the touch, it the handle reminds of an inviting hand gesture. The harmonious shapes are perceived to radiate a natural flow of energy.  The round shapes are supported by strong, mono-block storage elements with a clean and seamless look that seemingly continues from the counter to the floor, creating a pure geometry.

Sultaco 3 

The “vertical garden” help user’s grow organic herbs right in the kitchen. Hygienic and easy to clean, the herb planters do not accumulate dirt and germs. The properties of the materials used also prevent the growth of mold. 

Sultaco 4 

Another highlight of the line is the electrically powered table which serves multiple purposes: Room divider, dining table, breakfast bar or home office. Among many features, the induction hob allows users to charge their smartphones and tablets wirelessly.


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