Embracing the heritage of glass making – Sans Souci

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Embracing the heritage of glass making – Sans Souci

Celestial, Sparkling and Traditional, Diversity by Sans Souci makes its debut at Downtown Design

Czech lighting brand, Sans Souci specializes in decorative light fixtures, architectural features and lighting objects which are tailored in terms of designs and production.

Pure and fiery, delicate and flamboyant, organic as well as geometric, are some of the attributes which can be associated with glass. And breathing life to these characteristics is the experience of past generations of glass-makers, with the quality of work defined by the purely Czech origin of their products. An embraced culture of glass blowing isn’t the only quality that Sans Souci prides on. The skilled artisans undertake tailored solutions which is a distinctive trait of their production. An eight step process which provides everything necessary for the assembly and installation of the final work in the desired place, of which the product becomes an integral part.

Coming from the world-renowed region of glass making of Northern Bohemia, Sans Souci lights up this year’s Downtown Design with its collection ‘Diversity’. A collection that demonstrates the different types of glass in creations of light installations, which are but a mere fragment of the actual possibilities.

Having their work installed at various Palaces, Public buildings, Hotels, Restaurants and Shopping Malls, Sans Souci showcases the best from their range, ‘Diversity’.


Symphony by Jiří Krišica

The Symphony is a result of altering a well-known component of the glass industry, the crystal tube. Designed with the dimensions of 1070 x 2800 mm, Symphony is applied with a Nano metal coating technology which gives it a subtle gradient finish. 


Flash by Martin Lukačka

Combined with glittering crystal and golden amber; the Flash is bound to inspire a place with sparkling energy. The dimensions 700 x H 2550 mm.


Loops by Jiří Krišica

An organic loop which was a result of playing with glass shaping, a product that can be twisted cut or extended, finished with a metal coating.  Well, what makes it so different is that it is entirely handmade. 


Frosty Leaves by Jiří Krišica

The Frosty Leaves take shape from the traditional form of glass blowing. Made up of crystal, the installation takes shape in mass which highlights its unparalleled optics and as a cluster they offer a truly emotive experience.


Kerchiefs by Katarína Kotuláčová

Designed to create an environment of pleasing ease and carelessness, Kerchief’s wavy leaves drift arbitrarily above the ground. With dimensions of W 1300 x H 2800 x D 1000 mm it could be highlighted with either their delicacy of pastel tones or the sharp contrast.


Aurora by Katarína Kotuláčová

Bringing in the celestial play with hand-blown glass components, the Aurora by Sans Souci imitates the fascinating phenomenon that originates in polar areas.

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