Perfection in form and function- AXOR

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Perfection in form and function- AXOR

The ‘Made in Germany’ brand authenticates the vision of bathroom design with flawless, refined and innovative design in their new collections

With 116 years of history to boast, Hansgrohe is one of the few global players in the bathroom design industry that thrives with a worldwide reputation for high quality design and product.  With a strong strategy that lies in innovation, design and sustainability the German brand continues to impress with its key brand AXOR, Pharo and Pontos.

This year Hansgrohe brings AXOR to the forefront with an exciting collection of bathroom solutions. AXOR is a pioneer in creating avant-garde, technologically superior design objects for luxury bathrooms and kitchens. The brand’s luxurious taps, showers and accessories lay claim to perfection in design, craftsmanship and functionality. In this regard products that are more than just the combination of form and function are created: perfectly developed and constructed design objects found in the world’s most luxurious bathrooms and kitchens and conceived in collaboration with internationally acclaimed architects and product designers, such as Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio and Jean-Marie Massaud.

AXOR Taps: Perfection in design and detail

Hansgrohe 1

Considered among the most important icons of bathroom designs is the AXOR Starck collection which introduced a new way of controlling the flow of water with its archetypal joystick handle. 

Hansgrohe 2

The AXOR Citterio collection is a masterpiece of 1930s neoclassicism. The characteristic features of the taps are their angles, edges and distinctive flat surfaces, which reflect light perfectly.

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The AXOR Massaud collection sets new standards for a pristine water experience. Realised with the highest level of technical expertise, water flows like a natural waterfall from the sculptural tap that doubles as a shelf.

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Reminiscent of the archetypical design of the first industrially manufactured bath and kitchen fixtures, AXOR Montreux is characterized by additive forms and charming stylistic detailing. Industrial design elements, such as pipes and valves, were not only combined with classical details (e.g. delicate cross handles and ceramic inlays), but also with contemporary lever handles.

Hansgrohe 8

AXOR Uno pursues the uncompromising design principles of the original purist movement with consistent construction: two precisely shaped cylinders joined together at a right angle. The precise contours and the raised proportions in the golden ratio of the taps are their defining stylistic features, lending them a special aura and giving them a sleek and elegant look in any setting. Special surface finishes impart added radiance to the collection, which comprises over 70 products for washbasins, showers and bathtubs.

AXOR Showers: Masterpieces of Design with a fascinating water experience

Hansgrohe 5

The AXOR 350 1jet captivates through its consistent purist design language. Its imposing circular design captures the bathroom space majestically. The finely milled and turned edges of the high-quality metal plate are its defining stylistic features, reflecting superb craftsmanship. In combination with a thermostat, glass shelf and hand shower, the AXOR 350 overhead shower turns into the AXOR ShowerPipe 800 shower system.

Hansgrohe 6

The AXOR ShowerHeaven is an impressive overhead shower with a 1.2 metre long and 30 centimetre wide generous plane surface of high-quality metal. Its four retractable “wings” and integrated ambient lighting, not only make it a fabulous stage for water, but also create a new archetype in the shower. Three jet types guarantee a luxurious showering experience: the concentrated mono jet in the middle, the expansive rain jet, and the body jets with their unique PowderRain spray. A relaxing massage spray, a soothing rain shower, or a gentle drizzle: the AXOR ShowerHeaven 1200 allows users to shower using each jet type individually, or all three in unison – a spectacular sensory experience.

Hansgrohe 7

The AXOR LampShower by Nendo: Lamp and shower united in an unusual design object. Together they produce a soothing atmosphere and an exciting interplay of light and water. With its delicate and "magical" water conduit, the familiar lampshade look also produces a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom.

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