Spreading design culture: Vondom

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Spreading design culture: Vondom

The renowned outdoor design brand exudes a sophisticated soul with its exciting new collection

Creating dialogue between environment and form; Vondom’s pieces transform the simplest of spaces into an ambiance filled with glamour, both unique and extraordinary. With a strong credence in design culture, Vondom travels the world to find the most suitable ambassadors that embody the brand’s spirit.

Working with renowned designers and architects like Fabio Novembre, Stefano Giovannoni, Eugeni Quitllet, Ora Ïto, Ross Lovegrove, Karim Rashid and Javier Mariscal who share passion for shapes, culture and innovation they transform each piece of design into an exclusively ‘Vondom’ mode of expression.

At Vondom, respect for the environment is in their DNA: the brand invests in research and innovation to develop high precision technology and creating more sustainable materials. Their production systems challenge the here and now to move into a unique terrain of future engineering.

Explore what the brand has to offer at this year’s Downtown Design:


Daybed Ulm Collection by Ramon Esteve

The new Ulm Daybed with backrest is designed with the bare essential qualities of utility and function in mind, discarding all superfluous elements. Its circular shape and grand scale adapt to each setting while its swivel feature allows the user to effortlessly rotate itself on its axis. The new pergola protects its interior while it’s not in use, always providing a comfortable shade. 


SPRITZ Collection by Archirivolto Design

The Spritz armchair is born from the proportion and harmony of a shell, following the rules of Italian style: simplicity, harmony and proportion. The comfortable and stackable chair completed the Spritz collection, a perfect seating set for the summer. 


VERTEX Chair Collection by Karim Rashid

The VERTEX Collection is a conceptual architectural design piece giving any space a more sophisticated touch. Maintaining the original faceted design language of the whole collection the Vertex chair is an elegant and lightweight member that comes in black, red and white. 


ULM Lamp by Ramon Esteve

The ULM collection, designed by Ramon Esteve, is conceived as a basic due to its rational and universal character. It is a modular collection which harmonizes ergonomics, design and technology based on the basic volume shapes of cube, prism and sphere.

A new member of the ULM family, the ULM lamp is a synthesis of the traditional yarn lamp. As a result is born a new simple volume that works in tandem with the language of the collection but figurative at the same time evoking a strong emotional connection between the object and its user.


FAZ Collection by Ramon Esteve

The FAZ Planters collection embody pure geometry in shapes of cubes and parallelograms that are fragmented creating faceted volumes. The result forms a setting in three different sizes which are complementary, fit together to great groups and rows of flowerpots.  This feature makes them versatile objects that can work perfectly in any space and also as dividing elements.


ULM Modular sofa by Ramon Esteve

The new Ulm sectional sofa collection offers several possibilities, thus providing solutions to different settings. The sofa, like the rest of the collection, provides strong and resistant structures as support of the soft elements which provide total comfort. 


 KES Collection by Buratti Brothers

Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, Italian designers were on the lookout to create a collection that embodied timeliness design, comfort and aesthetics with their second collaboration with Vondom. Kes is a chair with smooth lines, essential in shape, refined in design but radical in its simplicity. Designed for both indoors and outdoors, matte color finishes, easily combined and cozy it is suitable both for residential and commercial use with arm and armless options.

The KES’ collection is completed with a table set: an archetypical and essential shape smoothed by the softness of the roundish sections. The table top is made out of injected plastic and combined with lacquered aluminum legs in both highs, one as dining tables for restaurants and bars and coffee table for sofas in lounge spaces.


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