Lighting up Downtown Design

Downtown Design

Lighting up Downtown Design

Catering to a variety of design projects; the fair will see a collection of lighting brands debuting from all over the world.

Downtown Design opens its doors for the 5th edition in November with more brands, superior product offering and a larger capacity which directly translates to the increase in demand for quality product and varied options to choose from. Catering to this need in the lighting sector; the fair presents a variety of lighting design brands that deliver solutions for commercial, residential, hospitality and outdoor design. Here is a pick of lighting brands debuting at Downtown Design:

Lighting 1

Santa & Cole

The Spanish brand brings a wave of freshness to Downtown Design with their lighting series that stimulate and enrich the user and surroundings.

Exhibiting for the first time at Downtown Design, Santa & Cole since 1985 has been exploring the art of industrial design and how to best incorporate it into the user experience. The brand have been committed to designing high quality products that improve the way we live in our surroundings; in our public and private lives, at home, in the office, and in the city. 

With a range of products that cover lighting for indoors and outdoors as well as furniture for the indoors and urban outdoors Santa & Cole believe in preserving originality while exploring everyday objects that excite their designers to become flag bearers of good Spanish design worldwide.

Lighting 2


Debuting at Downtown Design, the Canadian lighting brand crafts exceptional designs for hospitality, residential, commercial spaces and so much more.

With passion for lighting design and a client-centric approach VISO specialize in contemporary decorative light fixtures to cater to a variety of projects from hotels to restaurants, offices, homes and retail or public spaces. Working closely with the design and architecture industry VISO not only offers its products from regular collections but also crafts custom lighting solutions based on design needs.

Lighting 3


Combining cutting edge technology with ancient craftsmanship; the Czech studio brings an inspiring collection to the fair

A leader in the field of Czech glassmaking; Bomma originally has been well known for building glass-cutting machines and other glassmaking technologies. Over the years the brand evolved and built Europe’s most modern glass production facility introducing precise cutting technology, exceptionally clear crystal as well as oversized mouth-blown glass that retains the highest quality.

As a retail brand, Bomma focuses on contemporary lighting design; merging their craftsmanship and technology with both Czech and international designers to produce a range of exciting lighting designs. 

Lighting 4


The Italian Brand founded by William Pianta presents products characterized by essential lines that create an inspiring atmosphere and ambiance.

Nahoor has a wide and complete range of lighting products that are expressed in a variety of finishes and dimensions. Each unique piece is crafted by highly skilled artisans who are experts in the most innovative technologies and materials combined with a highly flexible production process. All Nahoor products are the result of the creative work of William Pianta, who reinterprets the values of Italian design tradition thanks to inspiration from everyday lifestyle and application of futuristic technology.

Each Nahoor product is “100% made in Italy” certificated and has its own certificate of authenticity, which guarantees origin and quality.

Lighting 5

Sans Souci

Embracing the heritage of glass-making; this Czech brand has mastered the craft with a collection of stunning lighting pieces that are the centerpiece in any space.

Sans Souci carry out grand, unique projects focusing on light objects, exclusive light fixtures and luxury interior decoration features. The brand specializes in original architectural features, such as railings, stairways, tables, skylights, columns, and others. What characterizes them is creative ingenuity with emphasis on precision and detail.

Sans Souci’s glass-makers have mastered the craft of traditional glass-making passed on through generations and are able to skillfully turn ideas and concepts of their designers into final products. Besides traditional production methods the brand puts emphasis on innovation if both design and production while continuously developing new technologies for original ideas.


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