Bringing industrial stone design to the forefront with Lithos Design

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Bringing industrial stone design to the forefront with Lithos Design

Boasting 30 years of experience of a family-run business, Lithos Design, established in 2007, works with natural stones to deliver solutions to architects and designers

Founded through the passion of two brothers Claudio and Alberto Bevilacqua, Lithos Design owes its success to its main ingredient: stone. The brand chooses in specific to work only with natural stone, and in particular with limestones, sandstones and marbles and does not use agglomerates and manufactured or synthetic stones. Offering solutions that can be catered to any type of space be it commercial, residential or hospitality; Lithos Design works with high-technology to produce stones that offer precision and utmost quality.

Every model comes to life at the Lithos Design laboratory in collaboration with designer Raffaello Galiotto: the type of marble is chosen, technology is plied to achieve a perfect marriage with stone and to reveal its most hidden beauty, at times performing additional research in areas other than stone design, such as lighting technology. The result is an unprecedented offering of modular architectural solutions that are ready for use, created in the most durable natural material used by man with highly environment-friendly processing techniques. Solutions that are at the complete disposal of architects and designers, and that the best international design firms are choosing since the very beginning of our story.

Lithos 1Image: Opus, Lithos Design

The Lithos Design collections include the brand’s most exclusive stone and marble design tiles for interior walls and floors as well as modular and sculptural space dividers.

Opus is a revolutionary collection of design marble tiles, the cutting-edge proposal for luxury wall and flooring. The designs, the nuances and the productive approach of this new line literally break down the classical idea of marble inlay work and its use in the field of decoration for floors and walls by driving innovation into hitherto unexplored realms. The collection makes its début with a variety of hues, in a series of ready-for-use ensembles that do not forgo the preciousness of antique inlay work yet at the same time speak to the onlooker in a new language, linked to an exceptional mark of design. The Opus is available in 44 types of marble, 6 patterns, 25 color ranges and has close to zero material wastage.

Lithos 2Image: Le Pietre Luminose, Lithos Design - setting by Aster Cucine © 

Le Pietre Incise, the brand's first and iconic line presents 18 fascinating models exploring the infinite potentialities of stone materials, which are interpreted in a masterly manner. Lithos Design recently introduced 4 new models that boost the charm of these claddings, capable of exploring the infinite potential of stone, skilfully interpreted with different décors to the limits of the most sophisticated technological potential and, in some cases, associated with light which becomes an integral part of the wall. The entire collection comprises seventeen models forged on modular stone slabs which are machined flat through decorative expressions which add the skill of the processing technique to the company's profound knowledge of materials and of the impact of light on machined stone.

The common thread uniting all the Lithos Design collections is the highly innovative industrial processing of natural stone with a unique and sophisticated result targeting the luxury residential and contract market.Lithos 3Image: Cesello Khadi, Lithos Design

With Cesello and Rilievo, Lithos Design has revolutionised traditional production methods, widening the target of the brand and offering refined marble coverings to the medium-high end market with fast processing times that allow large quantities to be produced and delivered quickly. The name of the first collection, designed by Raffaello Galiotto, is Cesello (Italian for chisel), introducing 6 models of coverings, the common denominator of which is a sophisticated alternation of soft waves and more marked lines, light but articulated and dynamic patterns enhanced by exceptional chiaroscuro shades. 

Lithos 4Image: Rilievo, Lithos Design

The name Rilievo, which is the Italian word for relief, reveals the collection's inspiration from the art of sculpture. Rilievo is the second collection of modular marble claddings which is a futuristic collection with models of an almost hypnotic beauty ensuing from the scrupulous and unwavering personal experimentation led by the brand. The reliefs, designed through the meticulous process of chiselling away stone, emerge and dissolve on the surface, with geometrical patterns or softer shapes.

The aesthetic effect of the cladding is strong and at the same time refined and soft, thanks to the balance between materials and décors. Technically complex textures afford a light-weight and dynamic rendering. For this reason, they are highly versatile and suitable for generous spaces as well as smaller settings, with one distinguishing trait: the effect changes as time passes and depending on the lighting.

Six models have been coined by designer Raffaello Galiotto and produced using an industrial process that retains the sensitive touch of the craftsman from an artistic and processing perspective. They all highlight even tones and strong, irresistible textured appeal. 

Lithos 5Image: 'Private Penthouse' Project, Lithos Design Source - Design: FNA & Partners, Photos: Imad el Khoury

Lithos Design Source acts as a single point of reference to help define all the marble components specified in a design project. Experts at Lithos Design help select everything from design surfaces to traditional stone claddings while advising on the right solutions for standard and complex processing, layout and installation.

The division was started when the brand saw the light in offering designers their profound knowledge of natural stones and marbles along with ability to apply these materials beautifully into design. Architects and designers can refer to this team of highly-qualified professionals to define all the marble parts specified in a design project, a consulting service that goes far beyond the choice of the best Lithos Design model to use in each space, or the most suitable stone material for each intended use.


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