Sophie Mallebranche- a design alchemist

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Sophie Mallebranche- a design alchemist

Transmuting metal into textiles, the French designer uses a weaving process that turns alloys and minerals into sources of light transforming any space

Producing textile creations since 1998 that are akin to primary arts: architecture, sculpture and painting Sophie Mallebranche plays with materials and their intrinsic properties to reshape spaces, sculpt lights and release the fantastic possibilities of color. 

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Offering a range of about 50 models that are crafted in 100% naturally nonflammable metal, her collection is divided into three color ranges: the essentials (a dozen references) which include grey, pearl white, champagne, warm gold, black; the naturals (twenty references), which enrich the essentials with satiny grey colors of silver, shades of copper, coffee, brown and dark brown; and finally, the ultra-chromatics (twenty-two references).

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Sophie’s vision for her creations, however, extends far past the limited scale of handwoven materials. Thus in 2009 Sophie partnered with Guillaume Danset and launched the development of innovative metal weaving looms that today produce nearly all of Sophie’s collections.

With industrial force and delicate precision, Material Design Group’s uniquely engineered looms transform solid metals into luxurious textiles. Prior to production, each of its models is translated from handmade techniques to engineered software that tracks the color and position of each wire. 

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