Lighting design studio VISO launches Bronze Collection

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Lighting design studio VISO launches Bronze Collection

Debuting at Downtown Design, the Canadian lighting brand crafts exceptional designs for hospitality, residential, commercial spaces and so much more.

With passion for lighting design and a client-centric approach VISO specialize in contemporary decorative light fixtures to cater to a variety of projects from hotels to restaurants, offices, homes and retail or public spaces. Working closely with the design and architecture industry VISO not only offers its products from regular collections but also crafts custom lighting solutions based on design needs.

VISO believes that the exchange with their clients is paramount: understanding their needs is the critical starting point of their design process. With a team of lighting professionals that ensure continuity, premium workmanship and processes that conform to the highest industry standards every piece guarantees 100% satisfaction.

VISO’s mission is to provide unique character to interiors, and, to create special and intriguing atmospheres through the use of their lighting fixtures.

Developed by VISO Design Studio, The Bronze Collection features three innovative decorative light pendants including Alo, Briggs and Chestnut.


Alo is a sleek LED pendant made of frosted glass with clear accents. The frosted glass acts as a diffuser to soften the light output. Alo features a plated metal stem and is available in two sizes: 7”/203mm or 4”/102mm. The pendant is also available in a variety of finishes including hairline bronze.

The pendant includes a silver coaxial cable cord drop and optional dimming capabilities for clusters of five or more.


Briggs is a stylish LED fixture inspired by mid-century modern design. The hairline bronze plated metal pendant features a frosted white opal glass diffuser and is available in four unique geometric sizes.

Briggs is available individually or in two standard clusters featuring four or seven pendants.


Like Briggs, Chestnut is an LED decorative fixture inspired by mid-century modern design. The fixture is finished in a luxurious champagne metal plated finish and includes a soft white diffuser.

Chestnut can be installed on the ceiling, or as a wall sconce and used as decorative art. Four standard clusters are available with four, six, nine or eleven metal plates that are attached to a single j-box. The angle of each metal plate can be adjusted individually for a customized experience.

All light pendants in the Bronze collection have dimming options as well as custom cluster options.

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