The journey of transforming canvas to carpet and cushions

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The journey of transforming canvas to carpet and cushions

Carpets CC offers a unique design proposition to create truly individual and distinct spaces

Born from Cecilia’s inspiration and vision; Carpets CC is a unique concept that applies her one off works of art to design mediums. It all starts with a canvas that is filled with sketches of lines and forms combined into exciting patterns and scales. Pencil lines and shapes are drawn, intersections are changed, lengths and heights are measured for accuracy, base colours are added and thickness of future colour swatches are determined to ensure everything is in place to move the vision forward.CCC HeroOnce the initial layout is set, the painting stage begins with a selection of the perfect balance of colours and bringing the design to life. Applying diverse textures to the canvas the dynamic patterns bring out different relationships in the formal patterns.

While a painting is a one of kind visual experience a carpet is a very different, tactile experience and not all designs lend themselves to this type of transformation. After careful consideration and assessment, Cecilia concludes which canvases should be selected for handcrafting in custom rug sizes.CCC 1The chosen artwork is then modified into a carpet template, and the artwork colours matched to wool and silk fibres samples. Once colours and materials have been decided, carefully selected Indian partners begin hand-knotting the carpet against the master template using the principal raw material - New Zealand semi-worsted wool.

A skilled and time consuming process, watching a canvas-inspired carpet being brought to life by an expert craftsman is something to behold. Knotted and trimmed by hand, the colour fixed by the heat of the sun, they are as much a work of art as Cecilia's original designs.CCC 3“Seeing my inspiration turned into these beautiful handcrafted carpets over the course of four months is always a proud moment, and one I want to share with you.”

— Cecilia Setterdahl 

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