Studio Cast Glass brings imaginative, bespoke, handcrafted luxury to Downtown Design

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Studio Cast Glass brings imaginative, bespoke, handcrafted luxury to Downtown Design

India’s foremost multi-material design studio is defined by an exciting combination of design, technology, craftsmanship and absolute creativity.

Pioneer of unique architectural glass art Studio Cast Glass offers bespoke mixed media designs that bring life to interior and urban spaces. Originally founded in 1986 as Glass Fusion by Kayur Patel the brand has brought to life the perceptive visions of discerning aficionados using glass to create art and furniture design.

In 2015 the brand rebranded itself to Studio Cast Glass with the endeavor to create newer design experience, successful collaborations and to widen the brand’s international footprint.

Pillared on the philosophy of “commitment to excellence” and “unparalleled attention to detail”, the design team, headed by Mr. Patel comprehends the ubiquitous nature of the space and works intimately on the details advocating the importance of each work reflecting each individual or environment.

Focused on creating absolutely bespoke works of luxury, armed with value engineering, exquisite craftsmanship and imagination, every idea comes to life when often, glass is melted at 1500 °C in specially designed kilns.

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The brand’s creations occur in a myriad palette of materials, diverse and often non congenial with the other whether complex as coal, stubborn as steel, ductile as aluminum, soft as wood or fragile and difficult as glass. Being innovators and pioneers of luxury wall surfaces and furniture with iconic products developed, this brand has produced many-a first of its kind designs & products. 

Immersed in the brand is a legacy of strong product-know- how and experience in the luxury glass and design arena, with a clear focus on product excellence and uniqueness. 

At Studio Cast Glass, no two designs are repeated, although similarity lies in the mere inspiration of the entangled stories of the universe.

Working in tandem with talented interior design consultants and individual creative geniuses alike who share in the value of communicating self-expression and identity in lifestyle and design, Studio Cast Glass works have found its way in some of the most prestigious Hotels, Public Spaces, Residences & Corporate Offices in India and overseas.  

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Highlighting one of their recent projects for an upscale restaurant in Mumbai, India Studio Cast Glass built a 100 feet long monolithic island bar handcrafted in natural coal- the only installation of its kind in the world. Weighing in at 5 metric tons the inspiration for this mammoth installation came from a small experiment at the studio which portrayed astounding results at a micro level of the behavioral pattern of coal as a material while sintering under conditions of extreme pressure and heat. This ensued in creating prototypes of the bar in a multitude of different forms pushing towards the complexity of the eventual form and flow of it. An impressive feat of engineering as well as design the complex installation required a great amount of coordination with highly skilled artisans coupled with deep understanding of value engineering and aesthetics of the brand’s Founder and Creative Director, Kayur Patel.

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