Luxury interiors brand MISK Nursery debuts at Downtown Design

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Luxury interiors brand MISK Nursery debuts at Downtown Design

Offering modern design with a heritage heart; the brand debuts an artisanal collection for children

Founded by designer Dr. Dala Kakos, MISK Nursery produces a romantic mix of modern luxury design and deep-rooted heritage that defines its ethos. The crib concept was born out of a need to create a unique piece of design for her first child which was aesthetic, artistic and paid homage to her Arabic heritage. With this concept her team and she set to create traditional yet contemporary cribs to be used through generations and become family heirlooms.


Image: Embrace Adventure- with mother of pearl flying balloons

Breaking away from traditional box shapes, MISK cribs offered in natural or French grey beech wood come with softer silhouttes, from the Embrace (with curved edges) to the Surround (an oval-shaped crib) as well as a mini-crib.

Each crib is specially handcrafted by an exemplary team of woodworkers who combine traditional skills with modern tools. Using chemical-free natural hardwood, imported mother of pearl and cutting-edge machinery, each piece is laser-cut by hand to ensure the finest finish. 


Image: Embrace Luck- with mother of pearl flying fish, inspired by Mykonos and the shining fish in its waters.

The cribs are then adorned with designs in words, a signature feature of the brand and a great option that can be customized. The exquisite calligraphy is written and designed by a London-based artist specializing in Arabic calligraphy.


Image: Embrace Dreams with Arabic or English exclusive font in mother of pearl inscribed “Sweet Dreams” or “Nawm el Hana”

“Mother of pearl has a ubiquity in traditional art and design in the Middle East and beyond, and its craftsmanship has been part of Eastern culture for centuries, with many homes featuring at least one piece of mother of pearl furniture” says MISK Nursery founder Dr. Dala.


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