Pure brilliance from Santa & Cole

Downtown Design

Pure brilliance from Santa & Cole

The Spanish brand brings a wave of freshness to Downtown Design with their lighting series that stimulate and enrich the user and surroundings.

Exhibiting for the first time at Downtown Design, Santa & Cole since 1985 has been exploring the art of industrial design and how to best incorporate it into the user experience. The brand have been committed to designing high quality products that improve the way we live in our surroundings; in our public and private lives, at home, in the office, and in the city. 

With a range of products that cover lighting for indoors and outdoors as well as furniture for the indoors and urban outdoors Santa & Cole believe in preserving originality while exploring everyday objects that excite their designers to become flag bearers of good Spanish design worldwide.

Santa Cole 1

Arne Domus by Santa & Cole team. 2015: Is an extraordinarily elegant light suitable for use indoors and outdoors, with a perfectly-arranged aluminium injection body housing state-of-the-art LED technology in a single circular plate, shielded from watching eyes by an opaline diffuser. Simple and colourful, it humbly honours the best spirit of Danish design.

Santa Cole 3

Cesta by Miguel Milá. 1962: This enchanting, handcrafted lamp has been shaped using traditional steam bending techniques and is delicately polished and sturdily put together. It consists of a subtle cherry wood structure that holds an opal-shaped glass shade. Cesta is an excellent object and lamp, perfect for placing on a tabletop or resting on the floor, and the light can be dimmed according to preference.

The Cesta family is formed by the Cesta, CestitaCesta Metálica and Cestita Metálica table lamps and the Wally wall lamp, standard-bearers of the warmth and wellbeing that are typical of the Mediterranean.

Santa Cole 2

Cesta Metálica by Miguel Milá. 1962: This is an enhanced rendering of the metal version of the Cesta and has its own specific features. It comes with or without a leather handle, the smooth feel of which stands in stark contrast to the stern rigidity of the bars that gently house the opal-shaped globe that lacks an opening on top. A blend of the firm and the fragile.

Santa Cole 4

Maija by Ilmari Tapiovaara. 1955: The Maija collection is an expression of the feeling of light that is common in the cities of the Baltic, where public street lamps are few and far between and instead private homes and shop windows shine their beams of light towards the public street: outwards. In light of the circumstances, Tapiovaara conceived a column of small metal superimposed discs from which the light hangs out from a shimmering honeycomb, shrouded in warm life. The discs were originally in a nude rose colour, subsequently white was produced and nowadays Santa & Cole offers both alternatives.

The Maija series is part of the Design Classics collection, a series of objects created at different times of modernity with the aim of putting forward critical discussion on creation in industrial design beyond mere trends.

Santa Cole 5

Trípode G5 by Santa & Cole Team. 1997: A bundle of three black tubes, joined like a set of chopsticks, holds up a generous ribbon shade. Trípode is a series conceived to lend plain rooms a warmer touch through the use of colour. The cotton shades revive long lost handicrafts and generate vivid hues of light. When on, the lamp provides a generous, warm light, and when off, it stands like a large sculpture, lending rooms a touch of class.

The Trípode series comprises a floor lamp and a table version in two sizes: Trípode M3 and Trípode G6.

Santa Cole 6

Vaghe Stelle by Antoni de Moragas i Spà. 1983: The stars are distant, undefined, vague. Twinkles overhead at night - those are the lights of Vaghe Stelle. Inspired by both the bare lamps of Adolf Loos, who deemed all ornaments a crime, and by Leopardi’s Canti , this extremely elegant lamp by architect Antoni de Moragas i Spà, was envisioned during the restructuring process on an old textile warehouse in Barcelona’s new Brasserie Flo in 1982.

Two concentric brass rings hold aloft as many as 18 carbon filament bulbs by means of a number of glass ossicles at different heights, generating an exquisite amber-coloured light like a wandering night star.

Santa Cole 7

Cirio Chandelier by Antoni Arola. 2015: The Cirio Chandelier pools a large body of light onto a focal axis that stands out hugely from its surrounding area. Its dense array of concentric rings, from which twenty, thirty and even forty light sources may be hung thanks to the enlargeable diameter of the structure, gives off a warm, powerful light with a major visual impact. Its design easily accommodates changing the shade to create different ambiences and arrangements from Sargadelos porcelain (lighting up with the warmth of an altar candle) to translucent opal glass or the opaque grace of brass.

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