Modular seating redefined by Zaha Hadid with B&B Italia

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Modular seating redefined by Zaha Hadid with B&B Italia

With its unmistakable distinctive profile the MOON System is a highly dynamic corner sofa that is the perfect centerpiece to any contemporary space.

Designed in conjunction with B&B Italia, MOON blends ergonomics and beauty to ‘liquefy’ conventional sofa typography. MOON recreates the concept of modular seating by making each element of the sofa a module in its own right to achieve great flexibility.

Moon System 1

Visually MOON looks like a single block sculpted out of a single material that encompasses the backrest, seat and armrest. The ottoman perfectly responds to the hollows of the seat and follows its profile. 

Moon System 2

MOON is a powerful and iconic sofa sculpture that does not renounce ergonomic design and is an excellent piece that complements any room that it’s placed in.


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