Floor it! How to choose the right wood floor

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Floor it! How to choose the right wood floor

Learn more about how to select the right wooden flooring with tips from Kährs wood flooring experts at Nordic Homeworx

Exclusive distributor of the oldest wood floor manufacturer in the world, Nordic Homeworx is celebrating its ten year partnership with Kährs a Swedish brand founded in 1857. Kährs has a long history that is characterized by a row of innovations- some that even revolutionized the global wood flooring industry with inventions such as the multi-layer board and the glue-less Woodloc® joint.

Here Downtown Design speaks to Kährs wood flooring experts about current trends, how to get the best out of your project and how to optimize your selection when using wooden flooring.

Have you seen any changes in the way wood flooring is being used over the last few years?

Yes, absolutely. We find that people are now more confident and knowledgeable when selecting wood floors for their homes or projects. Currently we are noticing a change in the ordinary with people installing wood floors in their kitchens as well as walls to create a feature wall. There's something very special about installing a natural wood floor on a wall- it becomes nearly impossible not to touch it!

People are beginning to understand that wood floors provide a natural warmth and beauty to their home that very few other flooring materials can. They also appreciate that wood floors add style and value to their property, are easy to care for and clean, comfortable to walk on, and are non-allergenic and child-friendly. Wood flooring creates an ambience that lasts a very long time – for generations, as we say – while always remaining a natural, safe and healthy choice of surface to live on.

Floors are such an important element to an interior. In fact, you can create interiors with completely different ambiences just by the floor you choose to put in.

 What are the key things to consider when selecting a wood floor?

Choosing a wood flooring for any space can be an overwhelming process. Therefore, we spend a lot of time with our clients to learn what floor would suit their specific needs, and are able to tailor the selection of floors based on their preference of personal/interior/cultural style and design concept.

Often first thing our clients seem to be certain of is the colour of the flooring they want to have - though they are usually uncertain about the design, wood species and surface finish they want. After meeting and discussing their project with our specialists and browsing through our wide range of wood floors in our showroom, it is common that our clients decide on an entirely different colour than they originally had in mind!

Other important factors to consider are budget, natural light exposure, room shape and joinery works, such as cabinets and doors.

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 How can I inject more colour in to a space with wood flooring?

The key to selecting any type of flooring is to consider the amount of light the room has. Natural light, the size of the windows, any other lighting and orientation are some of the points that can influence the choice of floor colour. 

 A dark floor naturally "swallows" a lot of light. At the same time, a dark floor can create a warm and comfortable feeling in large rooms. A light wood floor reflects natural light and increases the feeling of space and airiness of a room, meaning it can make smaller rooms appear larger. Light floors also create a more dramatic contrast to furniture, so these elements are definitely also to be considered when selecting a floor.

 When in doubt about combining colours, we always say it is best to look to nature for inspiration. And why shouldn’t we? After all, nature is associated with the feeling of harmony for a reason. Vibrant, manmade colours work great for accents, but for a base that you will never tire of and that will certainly never go out of style, nature’s own colour schemes (and textures) are truly the best, and are ultimately the most sustainable source of inspiration.

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 What is the best type of flooring for a kitchen?

Natural wood floors adds an element of comfort and elegance while creating a warm ambience that lasts a long time while being non-allergenic. Keeping in mind that kitchens usually have a large amount of footfall and cooking-related activities; a faster wear and tear occurs demanding frequent maintenance and better care. As with other spaces we work out what best suits your kitchen environment and offer wood flooring maintenance service to all our clients.  

 Are there any current flooring trends consumers seek?

We find that there is not one wood floor that is most popular or fits all. We cannot predict as easily what colour or style will work best for the masses- this keeps it interesting and exciting to work on projects as each one is so unique and unpredictable.

 Although patterned floors are currently in demand, design trends are constantly changing and choosing material can be difficult when thinking long term, but one thing is for sure: the use of sustainable and healthy products is here to stay. As a result, clients not only want a product that is beautiful, but one that is also environmentally responsible. Kährs wood floors offer both. Your interior design schemes can change many times over the years while your floor remains timeless, only adding value to the property. Kährs wood floors conform to their environment and add value with age.

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 What kind of new or innovative developments is Kährs making?

Kährs is the oldest and most innovative wood floor manufacturer in the world still in operation, with a history dating back to 1857. They were the inventors of the engineered wood floor, and the first to introduce a mechanical glue-less joint system – the ingenious Woodloc® system.

In 2016, Kährs introduced an exciting new patterned wood floor collection – Kährs Chevron Collection. Unlike traditional chevron patterned parquet, which is glued down piece-by-piece, Kährs’ Chevron has a modern plank format, allowing for fast installation.

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