In 1979, Dorya was first pioneered as a furniture-contracting firm providing high-end furniture, millwork and custom design services for financial institutions and large multinational corporations. The mission statement from the outset was to create magnificent woodwork encompassing innovative design concepts undiscovered at that time in commercial environments.

Due to Dorya’s progressive approach to furniture and millwork design and expertise in furniture making, it eventually launched Dorya into the residential market and by the late 1980’s Dorya was regularly called upon by furniture showrooms and interior designers to produce handcrafted furniture with specific custom specifications. 

Remaining true to its company core of manufacturing a superlative product, by 2015 Dorya was being distributed around the world and had been requested to commission pieces for Presidential Buildings, Embassy and Consulates, and Royal Palaces. Today, Dorya’s products are visible in 70 countries and offered in 30 locations globally.

Condé Nast and Dorya their partnership in 2016 to create a Vogue Living furniture line. Drawing inspiration from Vogue’s legendary fashion aesthetic, the Vogue Living collection offers statement furnishings with timeless style at the highest standards of the furniture industry.